Taules from Torrellafuda and Torretrencada

Taula de Torrellafuda a Ciutadella de Menorca

Torrellafuda is a prehistoric town set in an exceptionally beautiful landscape. One of the talayots, a cave, a taula and the remains of dwelling houses are very visible. The town was encircled by a wall and some remains of the wall face can still be seen, showing a wall of considerable height. It is worth noting the taula covered in natural vegetation.

Address: At Km 37 approximately on the Maó to Ciutadella Road, not faraway from the Naveta des Tudons.

Torretrencada is a prehistoric town which remained until the end of the Roman period of which the taula and a talayot are conserved along with some man-made caves excavated in the rocky subsoil. Some burial chambers excavated in the rock, probably from the high Middle Ages are also conserved. The taula is one of the most beautiful of Minorca Island, with a reinforced column at the back part, but it has not conserved the enclosure which it would have had at the time.

Address: Torretrencada is located about 7 km east of Ciutadella on the Camí Vell de Maó road.

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