Llucalcari - Deià - Mallorca - Serra de Tramuntana


Mallorca enjoys an outstanding location and a mild year-round climate, but above all, the appeal of captivating landscapes and white sandy beaches, where the sea never ceases to enchant visitors.


Photographer: Visualpanic /

Photographer: Visualpanic

Most visitors come to Minorca drawn by its unspoiled beaches, which are breathtakingly beautiful. The crystal-clear, turquoise-blue waters and the incomparable natural surroundings provide perfect conditions for swimmers and sunbathers alike.


Photographer: Chris Harrison (

Photographer: Chris Harrison

Ibiza is a melting pot as people of all ages and backgrounds come from around the world to enjoy their holidays on the Med and to bask in its glorious climate. The nightlife is also incomparable, making Ibiza a unique place.


Photographer: Margalida Bordoy RieraFormentera has 20 kilometres of extremely beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters. Almost all these beaches have been preserved in their natural state, to enjoy a truly unique setting.